Very Simple and Easy K'nex Target





Introduction: Very Simple and Easy K'nex Target

Works on practically any surface.

All you need for this simple and easy k'nex target is:
- 5 green
- 6 white
- 5 blue
- 2 yellow
- 2 grey
- 4 orange
- 5 white
- 1 rubber band

Step 1: Making the Target

Just make what you can see in the picture

Step 2: Adding the Rubber Band

Just follow the pictures again

Step 3: And You Are Done!

All that is left to do now is to set it up and fire away at it...



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    3 Discussions

    it allows it to stand up if you follow the instructions and look at the picture you will find that out

    I like it it is easy to build not to piece consuming and is not defective!