Very Simple Glitter Tattoos


Introduction: Very Simple Glitter Tattoos

This is probably one of the easiest ways to do a glitter tattoo (if you have glitter). It's a three step process for the first time, and after it's only one if you keep your makings!


1 Paperclip

Glitter (darker colors are better)

Scissors or Pliers


Step 1: Paperclips

With your pliers or scissors, carefully bend the paperclip into whatever shape you want (make sure there is a small handle!). Make sure it is completely flat!

Bend handle upwards for best results.

This is a really simple shape that I put a picture of. You can make anything from stars to pentagons and back!

Step 2: Glitter

Dump a small portion of glitter onto a base and press the shape into it. Make sure there is glitter on it!

Step 3: Glitter Tattoo!

Press the shape hard into your skin and watch a tattoo appear!



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