Very Small True Trigger Knex Gun

About: Name: Tom Staying, Bye

hi guys

this is my 1st instructable so not to harsh

credit to matsermuiker (srry if i got ur name rong)

its pretty much his sidearm but i modded it to make it smaller
(it fires green/black rods)

pros and cons

true trigger
fits in ur pocket
comfy handle

short pull back making it low range
bullet sometimes falls out before u hav shot it

credit to knexfreek for trigger


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Step 1: Firing Pin


Step 2: Trigger

u need that white rod


Step 3: Handle

1. build
2. attach (u need to make a white rod with a grey connector on it)

Step 4: Rail Thing

yer build it

Step 5: Barrel/body

1. build

Step 6: Put Together

2.add the handle to the body (with rails)
3.add trigger
4.put in the firing pin (easiest bit of course)

Step 7: Bands and Loading

1.add the 2 bands (on for firing pin and one for trigger)
2.(sorry its the wrong way) pull pin back till trigger flicks up
3. put bullet in
then pull the trigger and it shoots

plz rate and subscribe
have fun!!!


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Nice gun. Works well and minute # of pieces. I recommend making the first step a list of all the parts you need.


Instructables will move it to some arbitrary number around 3 if you vote 5*, and each after that doesn't really affect it that much. Hence why you never see an 'ible with 5*.

MegaMetal8DJ Radio

Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

oh sorry

do you know if killerk and killer safe cracker
still make knex??

i really like their creations

DJ RadioMegaMetal8

Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

Killerk does, but it's mostly just him modding his TR.  KSC hasn't been around for a while.

knex_mepalmDJ Radio

Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

 How many times can you mod a TR? A nice idea would to make removable add-ons like a chain-fed turret. I dont have enough grey clips to make it. So sad.

DJ Radioknex_mepalm

Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

The TR was made with a rather simple design which makes it extremely mod friendly.  So I guess you can mod it over 9000 times.

knex_mepalmDJ Radio

Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

LOL! over 9000. MEME Congratz!!!!!! You are my 911th commenter you have the same number as the police and the same date as the tragic accident! What a coincidence...ok I will stop now. I guess so. Modding is easy.