Vibrating Pen

Intro: Vibrating Pen

This is a cheaper and easier version of another vibrating pen.  It does not make as big squiggles as the original.  However, it is fun and will make your paper move around the pen and make interesting lines.  It does need lose paper to work to its fullest potential.  It is simple, you will need: 1 Hexbug Nano, 1 rollerball pen (like an uni), and roll of clear tape.  Simply hold the hexbug to the back end of the pen, then Scotch tape it to the pen securely.  to operate: 1. Peel off enough tape to reveal the Hexbug's on/off switch  
2. Turn it on    3. retape it  4.  Put the pen on paper and enjoy!



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    4 years ago

    at the least made the motor yourself