Vibration Motor Hack

Introduction: Vibration Motor Hack

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Have you ever needed a vibration motor, but realized for a heavy duty one they aren't very cheap?. Well I found a simple solution to adding your own weight to a motor. You simply have to connect a outside of the nut that is a reasonable size and weight onto the motor rotor. To connect the nut to the motor. Simply put adhesive on the motor rotor and the nut, securing them together. Its that easy!


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    Another solution would be to use J B Weld to "solder" the nut on. I am curious, what do you need such a large vibrating motor for?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Solder it on. What you need to do is rough up the surface of the nut with some sand paper. Not too much as you will take off the some of the grooves you want to allow the solder to stick. Then do the same to the shaft of the motor. AS long as they are not stainless steel the solder will stick using a high temp solder iron or a small blow torch. Don get it too hot or you may melt small parts in the motor. But if done quickly the solder will wet to the surface and hold the nut quite securely. You could braze it also for a stronger weld but the temp needed for brazing is higher and again might hurt the motor. I have made these before as well, just never made an ible over it. But solder holds so much better.