Vibro BUG




Introduction: Vibro BUG

Hello, this is my vibro bug. Wathc the video how it work :) Please subscribe my youtobe chanel, where I post video about robots,3d prints and arduino:)

Step 1: What You Need

You will need :

  1. vibro motor
  2. CR2032 battary
  3. Printed body
  4. 1.75 filament PLA/ABS
  5. wire-cutter

Step 2: Make Legs and Mustache

Cut the filament on short piece for legs and long for mustache.

Step 3: Vibro Motor

Insert motor in hole in the body.

Step 4: Legs and Mustache

Insert piace of filament in smale hole in the body.

Step 5:

Install the battary on the plase and stick adhesive tape so that the wire would have had contact.

If you robot start vibration, you made all right.

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