Vibro Snail




This is simple robot - vibro snail :)

Step 1: Materials

Okey, if you want make this robot you need:

  1. Vibro motor 5mm
  2. CR2032 battery
  3. 3D print parts

Let`s start :)

Step 2: Make the Brush

Take the legs part and bend all squard, it make will be posible use the screwdriver )

Step 3: Make Engine

Take vibro motor and instal it`s on shell

Step 4: Mount Shell and Body

Take legs, shell and head and assemble all togethe, cool!

Step 5: Finish

Okay, now, in order to your snail will be start vibrate, install battery in she shell that the wire connect to "+" and "-" on the battery.

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My project:

Good luck!



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