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Simple easy robot without wheels.

Step 1: Materials

Material you will need -
1. Solid light weight base like cardboard etc.
2. 9v DC battery
3. Simple switch.
4. 9v DC motor.
5. solid and easy bending wires for legs.
6. wooden or plastic stick.
7.Wires, Double sided tape, wire cutter, Glue gun, solder etc.

Step 2: Join the Parts.

Join motor with switch and battery. With the help of glue gun or solder. Make the wires tight cause it will shake violently.

Step 3: Join Circuit With Cardboard Base.

Stick all the components to cardboard base by the help of glue gun and double sided tape perfectly.

Step 4: Join Leg.

Cut the wires in equal length and fix them in the base by making holes in the base. make 4 holes in corners and fix the legs tightly.

Step 5: Join Wooden Stick .

Take a suitable wooden stick and make a hole at one end. This will help to create vibration with will move our tiny insect. Join the stick with the motor by glue gun.

Step 6: Done.

Now on the motor and the robot will start vibrating and moving. If it is working then CONGRATULATIONS!

Step 7:

Step 8:

Step 9:



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