Vibrobot Build

Introduction: Vibrobot Build

This is a simple way to pleasure a simple mind.... or a complex one who needs a break, so fun for most ages.

Also once your done you can DECORATE it!

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Step 1: Things You'll Need

1) A simple and cheap vibrating toothbrush
2) 3 1-1/2 in wires of different colors.
3) An altoids can! (big enough to hold a AA battery)
4) AA Battery
5) Metal Hanger
6) 2 nuts
7) 2 screws
8) 2 washers
9) wire tie
10) sodering spool
11) hot glue sticks
12) a plastic bag to hold all your stuff

Wire Cutter
Wire stripper...(teeth)
hot glue gun

"Safety Equipment":

Step 2: Step ONE! After You Gather Materials

you will need to cut apart your metal hanger,

the bend will be where it attaches to the bot, so longer down the middle the longer the legs.

then you will need to bend the corners down so that they will fit much better to the bottom.

Step 3: STEP TWO! Take Apart Your Toothbrush

go buy a cheap vibrating toothbrush,

pull off the bottom
take your pliers and fish out the motor
thump it, open end down, into your hand...
either work.

you slip some wire through a little hole and fold over
soder the one end to itself

Step 4: STEP THREE! the Energy Source!

take one end of a wire and sodder it to the flat end of a AA Battery,

then take yet another wire and soder it to the end with a bump on it

let cool!

wrap the battery(and both ends) with electric tape.

Step 5: STEP FOUR! the Body

four holes will be poked onto the tin can...

two small holes on the top(for the two battery wires)
and two slightly larger holes at the bottom(big enough so that screw will fit in it)

the two smaller holes will of course,
be on the top and close to one another on one side of the lid

and the two larger holes will be on the bottom evenly spaced out.

Step 6: STEP FIVE! Building the Legs

this step is a little difficult to do on your own, so a buddy would help, alot.

first you place the washer on the outside bottom of the bot,
then put the screw in and the nut on the inside,
screw it on just enough to stay

then put the bent end of the hanger around the screw,
and screw it in you may need pliers and a screw driver...

do this for both legs.

Step 7: STEP SIX! the Guts...

now that the body is built,

you will take the two battery wires
and pull them through the lid of the can,

then close the lid...

then zip tie the motor to the body,
high tech- i know.

now sodder one of the battery wire to the motor so all thats needed to close the circut is to put the other wires together....


you can twist one of the battery wires with the motor wire,
so all that would be needed to complete the circuit would be to touch the last standing battery wire to the spring on the motor.

your choice.

Step 8: VOILA! Your Done...

now that your bot is built, you can take over the world....

or better yet, get an A from Mrs. Black!

now review, do and bother either of the Mrs. whites with a
"mysterious buzzing noise"

bzz bzz Im Donna Greek....

bzz bzz I'm Sandra Restrepo...

bzz bzz ...

got any questions, just ask!

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    Here's my Vibrobot. Credit also goes to MakeMag . I don't like the MakeMag comment system.

    2012-12-07 14.39.44.jpg

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! An alternative to hot glue would be to bend the legs around into "feet", but I know this stuff is tough. L