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This is a vibrobot made with a toothbrush. A vibrobot is a simple circuit attached to something that makes it move.  I used a toothbrush so that it could be used in art for painting.
The original instructable that I added a switch for the battery to is found at

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Step 1: Materials

Something to cut the toothbrush
2032 3A battery
2032 battery holder
solder iron
glue gun
Child's scissor or wire stripper

Step 2: Cut the Toothbrush

Cut the toothbrush head off the toothbrush.

Step 3: Cut and Strip the Wire

Place the motor and battery on top of the toothbrush to estimate the length needed.  Keep the extra wire aside for the switch.  Strip each end with either a scissor or wire stripper.

Step 4: Solder and Add the Switch

Solder the circuit as follows:

Battery > Vibromotor > Switch > Battery

Step 5: Glue

Glue the pieces to the toothbrush.  It is important to distribute weight as evenly as possible. 

Step 6: Enjoy

I dipped mine in paint, placed a piece of paper on the table and let him go!  See him in action at the link below.

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