Vibrolux Reverb Complete Restoration

Introduction: Vibrolux Reverb Complete Restoration

The amp survived a hurricane in florida, was brought to me for restoration. When I took it out of plastic wrap it fell apart in pieces. When I started taking the baffle board out the 3 sides of the cabinet broke off and the bottom piece broke into 4 pieces. The amp would not retain its value with a new cabinet so I had to glue the whole amp back together with a new baffle board I made of birtch ply and then new fender issue tolex and grill cloth, the amp is very strong and will last another 30 or 40 years. The amp itself was not working. The pics of the chassis are before I changed the caps.I did a cap job(filter, cathodes and biascaps). I put in a set of mix matched USA rca and g.e. tubes and some resistors. I also changed the bias range resister to a 20 turn trim pot. It is a silverface so it had a balance pot so what this did was make it so I could bias a unmatched set of tubes then balance them to a even current draw, very nice. I LOVE THESE OLD TUBE AMPS!

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    This looks like an awesome project, it would be even better if you spread al your pictures out over more steps and explained more in depth what you did :)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, it was quite the project, I never had one so messed up, thats why I put it up and it was my first instructable, I need to learn the instructable thing. I am real busy but when I get time I will try to add more to this one.