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How to make a mask of the Megadeth mascot Vic Rattlehead.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

- Latex skull mask (
- Yoghurt pots x2
- Plastic chain (
- Plastic ice cream tub lid
- Small black cable ties
- Superglue
- Craft knife
- Black & silver acrylic paint
- Blue light filter sheet

Step 2: Cutting

1) Empty & clean the yoghurt pots & the ice cream tub lid.
2) Use a craft knife to cut out Vic Rattlehead shape glasses from the ice cream tub lid & 2 holes to see through.
3) Cut 2 small slits on the left & right side edge of the glasses. Then cut 2 slits about a cm apart in the bottom of the yoghurt pot. These are for the cable ties to pass through.
4) Cut a slit just to the left of the left eye & another to the right of the right eye on the mask. This is so the glasses can be attached.
5) Cut 4 slits evenly across the top teeth on the mask & mirror the slits along the lower teeth. This is so you can attach the "bars which clamp the jaw closed" with cable ties.
6) Cut 3 of the chain links in half. These will be used for the bars for the jaw & to attach the chain to the yogurt pots.
7) Finally cut up the blue plastic light filter to use for the eye lens.

Step 3: Painting

8) Paint the yoghurt pots black. When dry, brush them with silver for a metallic look. Do the same with the glasses but also paint silver rivets around the edges.

Step 4: Assembly

9) Using the 4 halves of the chain links, push the cable tie through the link & through the slits on the masks teeth, fasten & continue to do the same with the other 3 chain links.
10) Attatch the other 2 halves of chain links to the yoghurt pots in the same manner, remembering to clamp the link over a length of chain before fastening.
11) Glue the yogurt pots to either side of the mask, where the ears would be.
12) Glue the blue filter sheet over the eye holes on the inside of the glasses.
13) Attach the glasses over the eyes with cable ties through the slits on the glasses & the slits next to the eyes.

Step 5: Done!

Here are some pics of the mask in action on All Hallows' evening 2012. Enjoy it, Dethheads! Ryan



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    4 Discussions

    :-) gr8 idea, as a bonus every girls loves a sharp dressed man :-)
    would go great with a briefcase with build in soundssystem so you can roam the killing road acompanied with Megadeth's music


    5 years ago

    Peace sells, but who's buying? Looks awesome!