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Introduction: Victorian Charm Pulling

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This is a tradition that dates back to the Victorian era.  I decided to use it in our wedding because the tradition sounded like fun.  Basically, you gather some charms, one per bridesmaid, and during a wedding function prior to the big day - each girl gets to choose a random ribbon and pull out a charm that represents a fortune.  Ideally, the tradition has it so that you would pull the charm out of a cake, with the girls gathered around it.  But, I had 17 bridesmaids (including flower and ring girls) so I couldn't get a cake that big.  My solution was to use cupcakes!  That makes it simple in numbers.  

Step 1: Cupcakes

Just make sure to bake enough cupcakes for everyone attending the event.  I gave mine out at the rehearsal dinner, at my parent's house.  

If you want to bake your cupcakes ahead of time, you can put them in a ziplock bag and freeze them.  Basically, just have them ready, the way you want.  But don't ice them yet!

Step 2: Place the Charms!

I went to a local bead shop and picked out lots of charms.  I brought them home, came up with a name for each one, typed up a word document describing each charm and what they would represent.  It's open to interpretation, so you don't have to go by rules, make your own up!

So, word document was ready, with meanings for each charm for when the pulling would occur.  Each maid would ask what their charm meant and I would shout it to the huge group of people so that they would know what it meant for each girl.  :)

I used embroidery floss/thread and just tied a long loop onto each charm, I chose a gold color for the strings because my colors were gold and pink.  Plus, with cupcakes, most ribbons would be too thick.  Ribbons would look amazing, but when you're making around 20, ... loops are efficient.  ;)
Poke the charm (cleaned), into the side of the cupcake with the loop or ribbon hanging down on the side.

Step 3: Ice Them and Display!

Now, just ice them as you would like, then display them.  My mom got this cupcake stand but there were too many so we ended up handing them out and putting them on the table next to the stand.  You can make the pulling cupcakes stand out to make them look more special.  

The girls will love the charm and the novelty of having a fortune for what they pulled.  Have them do the pulling at the same time.  It's fun to watch reactions.  Then you can give them the meanings for each one.

After the party and pulling, they can wear the charm on their bouquet for the wedding day.  Or, just keep them.  Either way, it's a cute, fun gift and tradition.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    awww, this is a very sweet tradition id not heard of, definitely something i would do. not necessarily for a wedding in my case, but a cute idea for any special occasion involving friends and a party!

    you could even do something similar for a childrens party, with more kid friendly "fortunes"... perhaps have a bunch of plain bracelets they could string them on.