Transparent Pocket Knife





Introduction: Transparent Pocket Knife

Victorinox pocket knife repair, rebuilding

The knife is destroyed.

several years has been such, harsh environments, dishwasher tablets......

but , blade is perfect !!!

the knife edge can not drill through lack of means
Stainless steel seems
super hard drill is pending ...
may be considered as a workaround, fiberglass, vinyl fabric

because I could not drill through, I looked easier to machine materials

an unused sheet of polyvinyl lcd monitor rescued knife I cut off the handle
as a clear, visible parts of the operation of the knife



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    3 Discussions

    I never thought about this, I may have to do something like this for some scales for my Schrade.

    Ouch! Although I have to say that vitizop's build is pretty cool.

    did you know that there is a lifetime warrenty for Victorinox products?