Victory Garden

Introduction: Victory Garden


Starting a garden indoors

It's more important than ever to grow your own food....every year this is how we start ours.

I used to have a grow room, but we recently moved.

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Step 1: Seeds & Planters


2 trays- 72 planters in each tray
2 trays -50 planters in each tray
plus 45 larger jiffy organic pots
4 glass planters
Popsicle sticks with a Sharpie marker

*I keep my seeds in a plastic tote to protect them from water. mositure. rodents. etc

*I like to plant a variety of vegetables and flowers in my garden. I also add a new fruit tree every year.

*somethings I plant so I can freeze, can or dry-out for our food are: broccoli, tomatoes, eggplant, onions, salary, green bell peppers, hot peppers, herbs, garlic, eggplant, pumpkins, squash, cabbage, red cabbage, horseradish, green beans, black beans, navy beans, spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, pickled cucumbers, hello Pinas, gourds, Indian corn, sweet corn, mixed greens, strawberries, chives, peanuts, potatoes, artichoke, sunflowers, and flowers.

*I collect my own seeds from the previous year but sometimes also need to buy seeds.

Step 2: Label Vegetables

*Label the popsicle sticks and map out how much you want to plant of each seed.

*Sharpie pens always last the longest for me.

*you can also use the sticks outside afterwards to mark your rows.

Step 3: Soil

1. Miracle-Gro is placed in all the planters and pots.(I leave a little room at the top so I can place the seed in and then soil over the top.)

2. Next I place the sticks in the planters and seeds in the rows labeled.

3. last I put a little soil over the seeds.

4. water & cover

Step 4: Garden 2015

By March I should be able to transfer some of the seedlings outside.

I spent $70 for the large bag of mircle-gro, 4 planters. 4 pots. 3 packages of 15 organic pots. 20 seed packets.

A lot cheaper then buying the plants from a chain store. (And I bet the plants will be healthier)

spring 2015....most plants are ready to go out!

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