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This is an all-in-one cabinet I designed and built for my son's XBOX. I wanted something a little unusual looking and able to accommodate the console itself and a speaker system. The height of the middle of the screen is at eye level when he's sitting in front of it.

Skill level - intermediate.


  • MDF
  • Table Legs
  • Plastic tubing
  • Automotive mesh grille
  • Self leveling feet
  • Wood strips
  • Screws
  • Wood blue
  • Blackboard vinyl
  • Paint
  • T-Molding
  • Ikea shelf support pins


  • Workbench
  • Clamps
  • Jigsaw
  • Router
  • Power driver / drill
  • Foam roller

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Step 1: Basic Box Design.

The unit was designed to provide support for the TV (the upper shelf), a speaker system (middle shelf) and the console (lower shelf). An angled front was used to make the design more appealing.

Step 2: Television Support.

Table legs were bolted to the upper shelf and holes cut into the top panel to accommodate these in addition to the tubing which would carry the cabling. Sides were cut and shaped using a jigsaw/router, legs were fabricated using wood strips and self leveling feet and the basic cabinet skinned in blackboard vinyl.

Step 3: Integrating the Design.

A retaining section was cut for the top to tidy the appearance. The internal shelves were covered with vinyl, the lower access hole was routed with a slot cutter and T Molding was applied to finish it off cleanly.

Step 4: Doors and Grilles.

Door and grill sections were fabricated from MDF and automotive mesh. The hinge system uses Ikea shelf supports embedded into the side of the front door and retaining pieces on the sides. The top is simply a grill directly attached to the base unit.

The wood was filled, primed and painted.

Step 5: More Painting and Assembling.

The sides were painted white and the doors / grilles attached to the base unit. The legs were filled, painted and attached.

Step 6: Rear Hood.

To finish off the project, a VESA mount was constructed in MDF with 'legs' to fit into the table leg tubes. A Rear cover was also manufactured from thin MDF and covered in blackboard vinyl.

The result, one happy son with his dedicated cabinet.

If you enjoyed this project, please feel free to leave a comment and look at my other designs.



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    11 months ago on Step 6

    I think all your projects are great,wish I could build like this,absolutely great.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, I agree. It could be done by integrating the speakers into the sloping front panel and leaving the top section free for another console.