Video Game Steering Wheel Housing




A cheap way to create an easily movable, easy to assemble housing for a video game steering wheel. Get an old 7.62mm metal ammo box that can hold 1500 rounds from an Army surplus store, or online and place the steering wheel inside. The dimensions are 7.5in tall x 14 in deep x 17 in wide

Step 1: Place the Ammo Box Lid on the Side.

Bungie cord the ammo box lid to the side, (which will be the bottom of the housing)

Step 2: Attaching Bungie Cord

The best way is to thread the bungie cord between the lid and the side of the box first then bring the second hook around the box and attach through the pre-existing hole from the lid.

Step 3: Lid Creates a Space and Adds Some Weight

Place the ammo box on it's side. The lid that is now attached, becomes the bottom of the housing. This creates a space between the table and the steering wheel, and helps add some weight to the housing.

Step 4: Added Touch

I went to the local Office Max and bought some Crystal Clear Surface Protectors. The create a no-slip surface on the bottom of the lid. They're self adhesive on one side and come in a package of 20.



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    It is actually somewhat heavy, but it actually needs additional weight on the inside to keep it stable. When you're turning some hardcore corners in a game, you'd be surprised at how easily it slides around. I've actually cobbled together another version of this setup which I hope to post in the near future.