Video Game Controller Belt Buckles WITH SOUND



a year or 2 ago i made a how to on how to make an snes belt buckle then i began selling them after many people told me to shut up and take their money
since then an idol of mine nathan barnatt aka keith apicary aka, trale lewous aka ray amsly and many many more, wanted me to make him a genesis belt buckle that played music. the problem was more than a year had passed and the greeting card balloon was no longer available, so i turned to 9volt batteries and sound board from radio shack. some time passed and i wanted to use snes controllers again but there was no way to fit a 9volt inside, so i finally found a way to fit 3 3volt coin cells inside. They are all based around a $11 sound board from radio shack, an audio jack for line in recording and either a 3 button genesis controller or a nock off snes controller, i have also done an nes controller with sound and a pile of one of a kind controllers with either lights or nothing in them.

every buckle i make is different but you can make one without sound for under $10if your really look for deals, with sound $20 if you have most of the parts $30 and $40 if you buy every thing at normal costs and a night or 3 of working on them

also so i  dont get rejected from the makenit stick contest NOTE : i use hot glue, expoxy, epoxy putty , a plastic epoxy, and some time quick grab



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