Video Games: TinyDuino Edition




Introduction: Video Games: TinyDuino Edition

Here's a way to create your own Tiny Video Game console using the TinyDuino. This uses the main TinyDuino processor board (basically a mini version of the Arduino Uno), a Joystick board (which has two analog joysticks and two shoulder buttons), and the TinyScreen, a very small OLED display. Several games examples are currently given, like a Flappy Bird clone, simple Mario clone, Asteroids, Space Invaders, and many more are being developed.

Components Used:

  • TinyShield Joystick: link
  • OLED TinyScreen: link
  • TinyDuino Processor: link
  • TinyShield USB: link
  • TinyScreen Video Game Kit: link

Step 1: Charging

To charge your battery, attach your USB TinyShield to your processor board and plug in your micro USB cable. An amber light will turn on to indicate the battery is charging. When charging is complete, the light will turn off.

Step 2: Programming the TinyDuino

To program your TinyDuino, plug in a micro USB cable to the USB TinyShield, specify a COM port, make sure your TinyDuino switch is ON, and click the Run on Arduino button. The first code provided shows the input of each joystick.The second is a simple Mario Jump counter that keeps track of how many Goombas you have killed, the third is the classic arcade game Asteroids and the fourth program provided is Space Invaders. There is also a blog dedicated to TinyDuino Games where new games and ideas are being discussed surrounding our video game kit that you can find here. Have fun, and feel free to post your own games in the comments!



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    24 Discussions

    that looks cool do you have to program it?


    do you have to buy the kit and the other parts or can you just get the kit?

    1 reply

    Do you download games to it?

    It worked like a charm! Thanks!

    Do you know where I can get more games for this little beast??

    a bit too expensive, otherwise I would put it together immediately ! Great job.


    3 years ago

    This is really cool!! Nice work =)


    3 years ago

    Thisbis really cool!

    Nice demonstration of the TinyDuino's accessories and capabilities!

    For people curious about the cost, as of 5/21/2015:

    OLED Screen - $25

    Joystick board - $25

    TinyDuino - $20

    TinyShield USB - $18

    It is useful to know about the parts, but at $87 this is a rather expensive, snap together toy.

    saw your booth at Maker Faire San Mateo! the size of the components is pretty revolutionary for makers, and look pretty easy to use as well.