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This 3d printed video rig will give you many options for shooting the perfect video.  There is room to mount all your accessories from lights to mics.  It is mobile with two large handles to help steady your shot.  This rig can also be mounted to a tripod and when combined with a iPad Mini it becomes a teleprompter.

Step 1: Parts and Downloads

I have published the files at

You will need to print two handles and two rails to build the rig.  Print the handles at 10% infill and the rails at 50%+ infill to prevent flexing under weight. 

I have also included a couple of accessories.  The first is the iPad Mini grippers.  The second is a cord keeper that I use for my lavalier mic.

Other required parts and tools

1/4"-20 tap
Tap handle
Allen key or screwdriver (depending on the screws you chose)

(4) 3/4 inch long screws with 1/4"-20 thread. to attach handles to rails.
Some 1/2 inch long screws to attach your accessories how many depends on what you chose to mount.
optional - I found some knobs at my local hardware store that make it easy to move and adjust the mounted accessories.

Step 2: Assembly

Tap the handles with the 1/4"-20 tap on both ends.

Insert the handles over the raised rings on the rails and attach with 3/4 inch long screws.

Step 3: Use

There are endless combinations.  It can be a iPad Mini case alone great for racing games.  You can attach extra lights or mics for your camera.  If you have two identical cameras you may even be able to shoot in 3d.  My favorite is with my camera and the iPad Mini as a teleprompter.  Let me know how you would use it in the comments below.

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Yep. I used my clip on mic for the video (static because it rubbed on my shirt) but the takstar works great. It is cheap too.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    It's nice to hear that. I ordered one last week, it still hasn't arrived but very I'm excited.



    5 years ago on Introduction

    that is a great idea. Can you add a video of this in action? Something shot with this rig while reading from the iPad perhaps. :-)

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Will do. keep a eye out for my next project video and I will grant your wish.


    5 years ago

    Hi.gazzmyn. thes How-to: $35 DIY Teleprompter for LCD or iPad:

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