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Introduction: Video Skate Dolly

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My 3d printed "Video Skate Dolly" is a handy piece of gear to add to your collection. It has an adjustable arm, rotating base, and tilting head. The wheels can also be adjusted to shoot a 360 degree video. Using recycled roller-blade wheels and PLA plastic it is easy on the environment and your budget.

Sample video shot with the Video Skate Dolly is at

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Step 1: Required Parts

3d printed parts can be found at

Print all parts at 33%+ to prevent flexing and add stability.

You will need to print:

9 of the small handles

3 large handles

2 hubs

2 arms

Required hardware:

3 rubber washers

4 roller blade wheels with bearings

All nuts and bolts are 1/4"-20 thread.

11 nuts

4pc of 1-1/2" bolts for wheels

4pc of 1" bolts for rail and arm

2pc of 1-1/4" bolts for base

1pc of 2" bolt for camera head

1pc of 3/4" bolts to attach to camera

Step 2: Build the Cart

Take the 2 hubs and insert the 6 nuts into the slots. You may need to use a screwdriver to help push them in all the way

Then place 4 small handles on the 1-1/2" bolts.

Next connect the hubs to the wheels using the bolts.

Then take 2 more small handles and insert 1" bolts.

Align the hubs over the raised rings of the rails then screw down with the bolts.

Step 3: Build the Arm

Insert two nuts into the base slots and one nut into each of the arms.

Then take a rubber washer and one arm (side without nut) and inset them into the base slot.

Place a large handle onto a 1-1/4" bolt and tighten the arm to the base.

Then use another 1-1/4" bolt and large handle to attach the other arm.

Step 4: Bulid the Camera Mount

Insert a nut into the bottom camera mount slot.

Insert the two camera mount pieces together by aligning the slots and pushing.

Then place a small handle on the 2" bolt and tighten the camera mount together.

Next place a rubber washer between the arm and camera mount and tighten together using a large handle.

Step 5: Attach Arm to Cart

Using a 1" bolt and small handle attach the arm to the cart.

Then using a 3/4" bolt and small handle plus a couple of washers if necessary to tighten the camera onto the camera mount.

Now you are ready to shoot your next great video.

Check out to see sample footage.

Any questions? I will be glad to answer them in the comments.

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    Awesome! I made a similar device a few years ago, to get a smoother motion I added a small hand powered pulley that had a ratio with more teeth on the pulley than the handle to wind up a thread, this could be easily rapid prototyped even with the addition of a small motor!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the great idea! I was thinking of using a fishing rod and reel but that is troublesome indoors.


    5 years ago

    Congrats!! Looks great my curation is how much it costed to print out and do u have a link to the website you used? Thank u for sharing :)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I made this on a Maker Bot at my dad's work so I don't know how much it would cost.