Video Tips &Tricks Ep07: How to Create a Cheap Windscreen for Your Camcorder Mic

Introduction: Video Tips &Tricks Ep07: How to Create a Cheap Windscreen for Your Camcorder Mic

About: Video guru- Mark Apsolon is a man on a mission to show everyone that is interested in doing video production and film making how to do it on a budget. He has done everything from green screen chromakey to t...

In this episode of Mark Apsolon video tips and tricks I show you how to made a cheap and easy windscreen for your video camcorder. Cut that wind out of your videos. Its easy like 1, 2, 3

To learn more about video go over to:
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I am experimenting with a new upload format so the HD might not work. Just to let you know :)

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    as netgeak said, pretty darn full of fluffed up wasted time for demonstrating the severely novel and a bit unwieldy idea of holding up a bit of white board to block wind......a wind break to get out of the wind as apposed to a gloved pressure turbulence attenuator; not to mention the board may defeat/alter some of the shotgun microphone's side sound wave attenuating ability, that depends on symmetrical side access to ambient sound.... 'course it should be on a pole from above anyway, I suppose.

    seems quite out of character by my experiences with the enjoyable and informative clips of his that I saw in the past on lighting and green screen or such,, as I recall..

    Or..wrap/drape a bit of faux fur or boa around/over it....still cheaper than commercial dead rodent or such


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Instead of using a piece of foam core, try using a furniture blanket. During a big gust of wind, foam core can flap loudly. Furniture blankets are thick enough to stop the wind, but flexible enough so that they'll give in high winds, rather than banging around. Just make sure you secure them at the bottom, otherwise they'll fly up like a flag. Also, furniture blankets are great for rooms that echo. Just hang the blanket somewhere off camera and it will absorb the sound rather than letting it hit the wall and echo off it.