Video Tutorial: Magnetic Switch Light Up & Music Sponge Cake




Have you ever eaten a cake so pretty, you just wish you can preserve it forever?

Well, wish no more!

Don’t be fooled by these delicious looking cakes! They’re actually faux cakes!

Not only do they look good enough to eat, they also light up and play the birthday tune!

These playful sweet delights will definitely make great party favors and gifts!

I had loads of fun creating this craft and designing the mechanism for the light and music display that I've decided to make a video tutorial on it and share it with everyone!

For optimal viewing experience of this video tutorial, feel free to change your quality settings. This video supports high quality viewing of up to 1080p.

I hope it will inspire you to create these lovely creations too!

Happy crafting! :)

Step 1: Materials for the Sponge Cake

For the cake base, we will need the following materials and tools:

- Yellow sponge

- White silicone

- Acrylic paint (optional)

- Clear nail polish

- Strawberry erasers

- Decorations of your choice (beads, glitter, fruit printouts)

- Markers

- Scissors

- Cutter

- Ruler

- Any stick with a sharp tip

Step 2: Materials for the Light & Music Mechanism

The materials and tools needed for the electrical mechanism are:

- Mechanism from light and music birthday card

- Wires

- NPN transistor

- Resistor (at least 100 ohms)

- REED switch

- Magnet

- Cutting pliers

- Pliers

- Tweezers

- Masking Tape

Step 3: About the Electrical Mechanism

The idea behind this project is for the candle (LED) on the cake to light up and play the birthday tune upon pulling out the pre cut slice of cake.

The original electrical mechanism is from a light and music birthday card, which has a pull switch design. We will have to redesign this to a magnetic switch mechanism.

To further explain the original and redesigned mechanism, I have inserted notes to the image above. Simply move your cursor to the boxes with white outlines within the first image above.

For complete steps on how to create and assemble the electrical mechanism, please refer to the video tutorial.



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