Video Card Instalation

Introduction: Video Card Instalation

Since video cards are now if not required, needed in a computer system, we will teach you how to install one in yours and what type to buy that fits your lifestyle and your computer as well.

What you will need is:
-a screwdriver (Phillips preferred);
-a video/graphics card;
-your computer, of course.

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Step 1: Choosing the Right Video Card

              First of all,you have to check your motherboard on which type of video card can it support, since there are different kinds of video card types for different mother board slots it is safer to check which type of slot your mother board has before buying one.once you have determined on what type the video card slot has you can now buy your video card depending on the slot type. you also have to set a budget for your video card since not all video cards are the same and their performances vary from each other depending on the price. after this you may now buy your card depending on your usage.

              If you use your computer to play games or watch high definition movies, then you should buy a high video card with many features like 3d ready and HD as well. You will need high memory for your video card depending on the requirements of the game.
Some really good brands are Nvidia and ATI Radeon:
- EVGA GeForce GTX 580
-EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti
-Radeon HD 6790

if you lack budget and you still want to use your computer to play games then you may opt to buy affordable video cards that will still be able to play games, though it being cheap will of course affect the computers performance
*affordable video cards
-Nvidia GeForce 9500GT
-ATI Radeon HD 4650

The minimum memory for a video card that you should get is at least 256MB.
*Take note that these video cards are more expensive than the basic video cards because they use more power and have a higher memory to perform various actions and programs that may require a high resolution like 3D and HD features

              if you use your computer for just surfing the net and office use then a basic video card would be good for you. Although this type would perform poorer when played with games. These video cards comes in very cheap compared to those high end types. So this is highly recommended for people doing office works,typing and someone who doesn't really play games and watch HD movies.

Step 2: Materials:

- You will be needing a screw driver to take the screws off the tower casing from your computer.
-the video card that you will install
-CD driver of your video card, this will usually come with the video card when you buy it, if not you can download the drivers online depending on the brand of your preferred video card.

Step 3: Unplugging:

             Before you start unplugging the peripherals, you first have to make sure the computer is shut down before turning off the power supply. Ground yourself by touching the case. Why do this? to decrease the chances of damaging your computer with electrostatic discharge (ESD) or more commonly called static electricity.
             After you turn off the power supply, remove all attached peripherals connected to your computer. 

Step 4: Removing the Case

             Now, you can start on removing the screw that locks your case together using the screw driver. You don't have to unscrew every thing, just on side will do. But make sure you unscrew the hollow side of the computer, you can easily determine this by looking through the exhaust.

Step 5: Determine What Slot Type It Is

so basically there are 3 types of video card slot that will vary depending on your mother board. One type is the PCI express or the PCIe which is latest and fastest and also the most common type now a days, there's also the AGPand the PCI which is the oldest type.

note that if you just recently bought your mother board you would most likely have a PCI express or a PCIe  if not an AGP slot.

some mother boards have one or more slots in the system, this is to improve the performance more, and this doesn't mean that you have to fill up the slots with 2 video cards, one video card would be enough, and that of course depends on you.

Step 6: Inserting the Video Card

             Insert your video card properly and apply minimal force so that you wouldn't damage the card. After doing this, if there are any locking mechanism to secure your video card to place, do so.

Make sure you have properly inserted the video card to the right slot and is locked up/secured properly.

Step 7: Putting It All Back Together

              So once you have placed your video card in place, you may now put back the case and also don't forget to screw the screws back in place.

Step 8: Plugging Everything Back On

now that you've placed everything back. you may now reconnect all the peripherals back and of course the power. 

Step 9: Turning It on and Installing Your Driver

So what is a driver? 
                   A driver is basically a software that allows your computer communicate to your video card and tell it what to do.

So after turning your pc back on, you have to install your driver by the CD it came with or downloading it online

So if you don't have the CD you may easily download the driver in the product site of your video card brand.

Just run the program and let it install then after installation, you may reboot your system for it to be effectively installed.

*if you are not able to install your drivers or locate them on the web, we found this very helpful program that will automatically detect,update and install the latest driver for your video card. 

link to the site

Step 10: Your'e Done!!!

You should now have a working PC. Thanks for visiting us! For any questions, reactions and suggestions, Please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank You:)

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    8 years ago on Step 5

    this green video card is not a pci video card :(
    it has its own special slot just like pci-express video cards have pci-express slots.