Video Prop With Flashing Nose Horn and "Talking" Effect

Intro: Video Prop With Flashing Nose Horn and "Talking" Effect

This is a prop I made for a video I am working on. It is supposed to be a small personal robot(I refer to this as a "Familiar") used by a group of characters loosely based on the Technomages from the Babylon 5 TV series. This group used science to simulate sorcery and were experts in advanced technology... Basically, Technical Wizards. It is made from posterboard and spray painted to look like an antique object.The flashing nose horn is a flashing LED from an electronic candle with a high brightness white LED as a flashing "Mouth". As both LEDs are connected to the battery, the white LED flickers opposite from the flickering LED due to the fact that the flickering LED constantly changes the voltage going to the white LED, making it flicker as well. This makes it perfect for dubbing in a voice over. The gems on it are plastic gemstones, just for looks. The vid at the end shows it in action. 



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry, the vid didn't take. I'll have to see what I did wrong downloading it.