View Any Smartphones' Camera From Your Device



About: My name is Tarkan. I am a Turkish citizen. I was born in London, U.K. I speak three languages (turkish, english and arabic) and am learning german and russian. I do my best to help people out. If you have ...

The apps name is trackview .

This is a very usefull app if you want to spy on somebody, want to have something close to a remote security camera, or are just bored and you want to hold one phone in your hane and view yourself with another.


If you live in turkey your lucky because im pretty sure this is illegal in the United States.

But who cares just use it anyway.

TrackView PC:

TrackView Android:

TrackView iOS:

İf you like i would epriciate the vote.

Step 1: Setup

Step 2: View Cameras

Step 3: Locate Device

Step 4: Ring Device

Step 5: Setup Your Spy Camera

Step 6: The Hidden Microphone

While reviewing camera just hold down on the mic button and speak.

Step 7: Morse Code

just tap the flashlight button



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