Viking Helmet Made Out of Wood Shavings





Introduction: Viking Helmet Made Out of Wood Shavings

Since I have other viking equipment why not add a Viking helmet to collection :)

And maybe I always wanted to have one hahahaha :D

Check out my YT channel:

Step 1: Get Ready to Take Some Shavings

Try to get Shavings Thickness about 0.1 and 0.3

I used the Pine

Step 2: Measure and Cut

Measure Circumference of your head

Use the Formula from the video

Draw and Cut the circle

Step 3: Start the Process of Cassation

Blow the Balloon inside your template

Start the process of gluing and waiting for it to dry

Pop and remove the balloon

Step 4: Choose the Design

From now you can choose what type of helmet you want to make

For example:

Barbute, Norman casque, Spangenhelm, Sallet, kettle helm, Simple Bascinet...

I choose the Spangenhelm

Step 5: Mail Armor

Wind the wire around the round object with hole on one end

I used 8 mm shaft

Cut the rings

Start making mail armor

Step 6: Painting

Put 2 or more Coats of sealer (I used nitro lacquer)

Apply 2 coats of Silver and 1 coat of black color

Use paint thinner on cloth to get aged metal effect

Step 7: Attaching the Mail

I used aluminum sheet for reinforcement

Drill the holes through the helmet and aluminum together

Tie it up with thread all around

I also attached the thumbtacks for "Riveted look" and it looks amazing

Step 8: Finished Epic Helmet

I don't know what to say for me this was one of most hardest projects I have made

The process of drying almost killed me I used but it took me more than a week of gluing and drying...and heating it inside the microwave, oven, on top of the furnace on the sun :(

Ohhh god, I hate that technique (cassation) I recommend the use of toilet paper or newspaper for this project ;)

I feel relieved now :)

Have an EPIC day and see you soon with new project




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    1 year ago

    Pretty cool helmet!

    I have a question: how did you proceed with the design (step 4)? how did you attach the front part and the strings (vertically and horizontally)?

    Srry my english, haha.


    8 replies

    Hey bro, I just went vertically with the shavings and then again horizontally to get some kind of plywood effect which turned out great :)

    Hope I helped :3


    I mean, first, how did you add the front part?

    And how did you add those layers around and in front?

    ty for replying

    (For some reason the images were not uploaded in the other comment! Ty again)


    I just continued without balloon, and that cross is added pieces to gain the thickness and to give stronger structure to the helmet ???

    Any tips for continuing without the balloon? The cross added pieces were made out and then glued? I do not have many skills yet, haha. Thank you for the attention! Awesome profile and awesome yt channel!


    Reply 1 year ago

    After re-reading the instruction again, i'd like to apologize for my stupid question. You do mention what it is, the thumb backs.
    Thanks and sorry again.

    If you build it be sure to send me some photos via Instagram :) or here :)
    Have a nice day


    Reply 1 year ago

    Hey! thanks a lot for the quick response.

    No I mean the things you use to attach the metal together.
    the round yellow things. They're not nails right? what are they called?

    I'm sorry, I'm Russian and I can't figure out what that's called. I'd expect it to be called clips but that's not at all what it is haha.
    Sorry :( i hope I explained it better this time.

    No problem man they are called gold office thumbstacks and I paid mine about 1 dollar :) feel free to ask whatever you want :) Greetings from Croatia :)

    Love the project and the final look of it.

    2 Questions

    1- where did you get that aluminum sheet?

    2- what did you use to staple the metal together? those clips or whatever. What are they? Could you give an example of such a thing? amazon link ? thanks.

    The helmet looks really good. Maybe you could do another 'ible' on how you painted it. I've never heard of cassation before; I'll have to look it up.

    1 reply

    Thanks man, maybe I will do tutorial on my channel. I am even not sure if the right word is cassation, but I am familiar with it since my primary school when we used to make art mobiles using the newspaper or toilet paper :) very cool project for the kids also :)
    Have a nice day Jon