Viking Warrior Girl!!

She wanted to be a viking!! My imagination imediatly started thinking of how I would construct it. Ive never been one for store bought costumes. First thing I would need is alot of fur. I scoured the thrift stores and finally found an adult size full body fur costume. bought it for 3 bucks. My husband put it on and said there is no way Im going to cut it up,(he wants to make a sasquach sighting video) back to square one. I kept looking and found a fur lined 70's era trench coat, perfect! Also found a metalic gold purse, a studded belt, a bag of gold beads, a tacky necklace with a large medalion and a set of metal shoe forms. Those were all the ingredients, after some time at my sewing machine and alot of hot glue it turned out awsome, I just had to share it with the world!



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    She looks like she means business! What a great reuse of an old coat. :D