Village Seed W/end Portal/dungeon!!!!

Introduction: Village Seed W/end Portal/dungeon!!!!

About: 13 years old born 2/15/01 love minecraft and fun stuff. Nice,smart,funny

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Step 1: Seed


Step 2: Generate

Step 3: Spawn

This is where you'll spawn. Just go straight

Step 4: Village

Find the village

Step 5: Well

Find the well and sink to the bottom and break the block at bottom

Step 6: Dungeon

Go down the stairs

Step 7: Take a Left

Once ur down the stairs take a left

Step 8: More Stairs

If u take the left there should be two stair cases

Step 9: Almost There

Go down this hall and take a left

Step 10: Left

U should see this if u take a left

Step 11: End Portal

And there is the end portal and now u can explore the whole dungeon too!

I'll be making a huge village seed in a while

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