Villain's Dart Gun

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This is the best dart gun ever. Perfect for villain's everywhere. It is small if you don't decorate it it looks like a crayon. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: What You Need

Your going to need
1 Crayola mini twistables crayon
2 rubber bands (one thicker then the other)
a pen
electric tape

Step 2: The Gun

Scroll out the crayon as far as it go's and pull it out. Then with the pliers pull out the back piece.

Step 3: The Gun Part 2

Cut the rubber band in half and with the electrical tape, tape the rubber band on to the back of the Crayola tube now wrap the 2nd rubber band around the tape and tape over that one. If you want to decorate with the rest of the tape go ahead.

Step 4: Dart

With the pliers pull the front off the pen & take out the part that writes this is your dart.

Step 5: Hope You Enjoy

Now you are done hope you enjoyed. WARNING don't shoot at other people.



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