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About: I do alot of arts and crafts, when theirs something i really want to make and i can't do it, it bothers me till i make it.

Okay so this is my first picture up here on the site i'm still kinda new here. I made Vincent Valentines outfit from Final Fantasy. I am sorry for the pictures my camera doesn't take good pictures. I Made it from the fabric that kinda fry off. I use for the collar part , pocket watch belts i got them from ebay from my grandma.. I also made his claw thing...i keep forgetting what its called but oh well. I made the claw from paper and a video on youtube that shows how to make it i made the rest from foam and put gold duck tape on it. I got a black prom glove from the girly girl store at the mall called Claire's . And made the hand plate and hot glue it on. I'm gonna be cosplaying as him for the Anime Con here were i live :)

So i made this in january and i must say, i'm sorry but i can not make a (how to) thing on this, if i would, its because something happen to the first one. But for his design on his buckles i use soda cans and cut half around oval and used a pen to in grave the cross like design he has and i just painted black paint on it. And from my game, i counted the belt buckels he has and has 6. so..i just went with that.

and i didn't know what to put this under so i picked all rights reserved. I do not own the character or the game.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, when i went to the anime con here few week ago, i had to dress up different because of the weather and my health, But my mom dressed up as him and i dressed up as Taito Shion insted.