Vinegrette (salad Dressing)




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A simpel vinegrette recepie for about 250ml. It stores for up to à year and gets better with every day.

Step 1: Ingredients

Vinegar 4 table spoons - I used white wine vinegar Olive oil 8-12 table spoons - I used extra virgin, other oils and qualities are fine to. Water 4-6 table spoons Salt 2 teaspoons Pepper 1/2 teaspoon Herbs and Spices 2-4 teaspoons - this can be varied infinitely. I like to add a splash of hot sauce as well.

Step 2: Dry Stuff First

Add the dry ingredients to a 500ml bottle with a funnel.

Step 3: Wet Stuff Second

Add the vinegar, water & oil to the bottle.

Step 4: Cap, Shake, Store & Serve

Shake the bottle. You're done!



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    6 years ago

    Great ! Post me a pic of the results !


    Yum! I must try this out! I LOVE vinegar être but I didn't know how to make it myself... And now I do! Tomorrow I'm going to Coles to buy the ingredients!