Vintage Biscuit Chicken Pot Pie

I use a vintage biscuit dough recipe for my chicken pot pie..we make the crust from scratch and then use the easy way out and use frozen chicken from schwans and frozen veggies from schwans, super easy, a 30 minute prep, 15 minute or so bake and its super yummy!

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Step 1: Make Your Pie Crust From This Vintage Recipe

roll out your biscuit crust to pie shape.

Step 2: Heat Up Ingredients

make crust place in oiled pie pan.

heat up diced chicken,

heat up veggies.

make a roux in a pan.

for some help with all this check out my blog:

Step 3: Add Your Ingredients to Crust

first add cooked diced chicken to pie crust,

then add your cooked veggies

Step 4: Add Your Roux to Pie

cover all your veggies and chicken in roux.

Step 5:

cover your pie in more crust,and make your trim nice. add a hole to the top or use a pie bird. use egg wash to get a great shine and bake for 15-20 minutes until golden at 425.

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