Vintage Button Magnets - Great Party Favor!

Introduction: Vintage Button Magnets - Great Party Favor!

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Hello DIYers! Do you need a unique party favor for your wedding, kids party, voting party, or any party? Try making these vintage button magnets and send your guests home happy!

I found some old buttons at Goodwill and decided to upcycle the crap out of them and make vintage button fridge magnets. This one is very easy! Let's do it!

If you think reading is so last century, check out the video I made of the same project on my YouTube channel.

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Step 1: Dude, Get Your Supplies!

So for this project, you're going to need a strong type of glue. I used Gorilla Glue because it's what I had on hand, but you can use anything you want.

You'll also need some rusty old pliers that are seldom used. You need to craft more.

Once you have those in hand, you'll need some 'vintage' buttons and some magnets. These are the bread and potatoes of this project. You can find your own vintage buttons at thrift stores, used book stores, trash piles, and estate sales (you can also buy these on Etsy if there's a particular one you want.

Oh and don't forget! You need magnets. I found these hideous 'mighty magnets' that someone left in my building's free pile. You could also find them at Michaels or Joannes.

Step 2: Rip Out Pins.

Alright enough setup, (setup is boring) let's get started! This instructable really only has 2 steps after you've gather your supplies.

The first thing is to take take all the old pins off of these buttons. Depending on the type of pin, you can either just pull them out or you'll need to twist them until they break, then you can pull them out. If working with kids, you might want to do this step ahead of time.

Step 3: Glue on Button.

Now the next step is to glue the magnet to the back of the button. Put a smigen of glue on the back of the magnet. If you're using Gorilla Glue, it tends to expand to 500 TIMES IT'S ORIGINAL SIZE, so don't use too much. Now just push the button onto the magnet.

That's all. Really that's it. You just let them dry and you're done.

Step 4: Shamelessly Posted on Social Media.

Before you call it a day make sure you post a picture to your Instagram and make a YouTube video about the project. Feel free to check out my video over there (link in the first step :) ). Thanks for reading my instructable! You're great!

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    Thanks mandude! I fixed it. Appreciate you pointing it out :)