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Introduction: Vintage Clock

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Hi All,

I am not allowed to make anything new unless I find a space for it, either in my house or someone else's house. Last few projects were for friends or neighbors.

For sometime i wanted to make my own clock and over past few years and a clock in my home went bad, I finally had an opportunity to make one and happy to share how I did it

In this instructable, I will share how to make a vintage clock at home using wood. We can find material is local stationary shop and no power tool required


  • It should look cool
  • Visible in dark
  • And of-course tell time

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

  • Wooden embroidery rings ( 6 " and 8")
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Wooden Letters
  • Fevicol or PVA Glue
  • Clock Kit
  • 5mm Plywood piece
  • Black and Bronze acrylic paint
  • A key ring

Step 2: Frame

  • To form a strong frame, I have used bamboo skewers to connect the two wooden rings
  • Make sure the rings are equidistant
  • Stick wooden numbers as shown using PVA glue or fevicol
  • Try to hide the skewers behind wooden numbers
  • Let it dry for few hours

Step 3: Frame 2

  • We need means to hide the clock and hang the clock once we are done
  • For this I have cut a diamond like shape from a 5 mm plywood
  • This will hide the clock mechanism
  • Add 2 wooden spacers as shown for adding a key ring later

Step 4: Paint Job

  • Paint the frame with acrylic black
  • Paint the numbers with golden or bronze color
  • You may have to retouch places with black color
  • Paint the clock hangs bronze as well
  • Let it dry

Step 5: Finalization

  • Fit the clock from behind
  • I used hot glue to stick it
  • Fit the clock hangs carefully, make sure that the needles are not bent
  • Add a key ring on the back as shown to hang the clock on a wall
  • And we are done !!

Let me know if you have any suggestions

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