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Introduction: Vintage Fabric Lamp

Looking at some of the creative Lamp makers and the lovely lamps they make, inspired me to try out a lamp.This is my second lamp and I am really in love with this beautiful vintage fabric lamp. When ever I want to do some thing the first material that comes to my mind is fabric,because I am more on to sewing and have a bag full of cut pieces.This printed vintage design fabric caught my eyes for the vintage fabric lamp.This lamp can be turned into a tulip or a lotus flower with the flexible craft wire.Or the petals can be even left straight.

I have used 9 petals,Still it looks awesome and cool.I am planning on doing another one with lots of petals to make a huge one very soon.

I hope my instructable is on time to take part in the first featured author contest...

Step 1: Supplies

What you need to make the Vintage Fabric lamp

Fabric -(Vintage design- about1/4 mt for 9 petals )

Matching thread

Sewing needle

Top pins



Measuring tape (option)

1 used computer paper/or any other used paper

Craft wire

A piece of wood

Small nails


Nose pliers

wire cutting Pliers

Glue gun/glue stick

Step 2: Art Work.

Draw a nice shape of leaf,cut and trace it on to the wood.The size of the wood has to be a little bigger than the paper leaf.Just the out line would do.If you are good in drawing skip the paper step and straight away draw it on the wood.

Step 3: One Hard Shot on the Nail

Hammer the nails around the leaf image on the wood leaving 1 inches space between two nails.If you want you can do it right around or with little space inbetween two nails,The most important is that on both pointed ends put a nail.The length of the leaf is 8 inches and width in the middle is 3 3/4 inches.So my petals are going to be this size.

Step 4: Template

Cut the craft wire to about 24-26 inches in length.This mesurement is for my leaf.I have cut 9 wires,so there will be 9 petals for the lamp.Wrap the wire tightly around the nail starting with one end, and twist it at the same end end with the round nose plier,leaving one end of the wire longer.Slowly remove the wire from the wood....You will see a nice shape of the leaf you drew.

Step 5: Cut Fabric Leaves

Spread out the fabric,place the paper leaf and cut 9 leaves ,leaving 3/4 inches for gluing.

Step 6: Make Fabric Petals

Lay the fabric on a flat surface facing wrong side up,keep the wire leaf and glue one side first.Then pull and fabric slowly and paste the other side,and complete the full leaf.

Step 7: Inner Side/wrong Side

This is the inner side /wrong side of the petals.Cut the fabric to the shape of the leaf and paste over.Sorry I missed a photo of this :( On both side of the petal the correct side of the fabric will be pasted.

Step 8: Start Assembling

Assemble the flower by twisting the extra wire of the petal on top of the holder onto the electric wire and cmplete the flower.Please see the images.Once you assemble the petals are just straight.You can bend and create the way you want later on.

Step 9: Cover the Wires on Top

Cut a small round with the same fabric,sew around the the edges,cut a small hole in the middle and insert into the electric wire and gather it.Another small band of 2 x 2 inches ,fold into two and hand sew it around over it.

Step 10: Ta Dah! Admire!

Image 5 petals are straight.

What do you think of this vintage fabric lamp?Isn't it really cool?

Your comments and votes are most welcome!

Thank you very much for taking time to read my full instructable.

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    Very neatly done.I guess pink is for your dau,and green for you son..Am I correct?Please upload a pic with the light sure it will be awesome.

    Yes, you are right, pink for my daughter and blue for my son. :)


    I was so excited when I saw this instructable, it is just awesome. I absolutely love your lamp, it is beautiful! :)

    1 reply

    Thank you very much.I know this is such a lovely instructable.My favourite ible.Please vote for me in the glue and vintage contest.

    Thanks! Like I said yours too is unique in it's own way :)

    Very cute and wonderfully simple. Could very easily spruce up the looks of a kids bedroom too!

    I had an idea, if you used "bimetallic" strip metal, as it got hotter, it would open up automatically :P

    Bimetallic metal is a strip of two metals pressed together into a ribbon that expands at different rates, creating tension in the material and bending it.

    1 reply

    I am glad you like this and thank you so much for the idea.I have no idea about this bimetallic.I need to verify this first,and would be useful for my next project.Please vote for me in vintage and glue contest.

    very cool. I wonder if you could use memory wire to make the petals open when the light is on.

    1 reply

    Welcome!I have no idea about this memory wire,doing a search on the web so that my next project can be done with this memory wire.Read here in the comment of -Nanovirus member who also mention about a strip that opensthe petals out when it gets hotter.

    Did you think of any other design besides flower

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    Sorry it took awhile to reply,I am busy with another project and enjoying the nice sunny days.Yes! I have another idea for christmas,I want to make a lovely star lamp.Any way thanks for viewing and your votes are appreciated.

    Very cool