Vintage House Dress Quilted Potholder




Step 1: Pattern

Hi guys. This is my first time doing this so if you have any suggestions or helpful hints, please feel free to leave a comment! Thanks! So I found this pattern in an old quilting book of my great aunts. There are endless possibilities to how you can "accessorize" the dress and the different fabric choices. There are 5 pattern pieces. A B C D E F. Pattern pieces A B and C will be the dress. Piece D will be the collar of the dress (which will most likely be white). And pieces E and F will be the background.

Step 2: Supplies

For this project the supplies needed will be • 3 coordinating fabrics. ( mine were blue with white polka dots for the dress, white for the background, and lace for the collar. ) • fabric glue ( for the accessories. ) • the accessories • a sewing machine. Mine is a brother with attachable embroidery.

Step 3: Cutting the Fabric

Remember, you want to cut out A B and C on the dress fabric, D on the collar fabric, and E and F on the background fabric. Cut two of every pattern piece except E. and always cut your fabric with the right sides facing together.

Step 4: Sewing

Now, the instructions in the book say to sew A to B and B to C and THEN sew in F, but and easier way to sew it is to sew A B and C to their corresponding sides of F, and the sew A B and C together. Then do the same with the other side. Now, you need to make sure that when you press the seams, the seam from piece B and C need to pressed down to opposite sides on each half of the dress. Make sense? Hopefully the pictures help. Then, making sure your seams match up, sew the two halves together. Next you are going to sew both D pieces to piece E, then sew it into the empty space left in the dress. This part is tricky because its really hard to get everything perfectly aligned.

Step 5: "Accessorize"

At this point you can add any kind if "accessories" that you want. I just simply glued on a piece of ribbon as a belt and added a bow. You can do anything such as adding some kind of trimming for the collar, buttons, bows, belts. Whatever! This is your chance to get creative.

Step 6: Finishing

You will need a 10" x 10" piece of fabric. This will be the back of the pot holder. You will also need your choice of batting and some type of bias tape if that's how you decide to finish the border. There are two ways you can finish the border. With some form of bias tape like I did, or you can turn it inside out and sew with the right sides of the two fabrics facing each other and then the batting on one side. The way I did mine is I cut enough fabric ( bias tape) to go around the whole pot holder at 2" wide. The I ironed both sides into the middle and folded the whole piece in half. After that all you so is sew it on and you can add an optional tag. Then, TA-DA! You're finished! Now you have a beautiful vintage house dress potholder for your very own!



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