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Intro: Vintage Kitty Cookies

Bringing the sweet, vintage figurines back to life in this era - here is my Vintage Kitty Cookie.  :)

I got these figures at the thrift store and they inspired me to put a face onto that cat cookie cutter that I had.  Of course - looking at a cutter on its own - there isn't much of a hint for inspiration.  That is where we need to collect things that we want to use later on, as an individual.  My tip - save clippings, find images that inspire you, collect the adorable things that you love and recreate them on your own.

Step 1: Time to Begin the Cat!

Have your sugar cookies pre-decorated with a base coat (such as white royal icing).  Make sure that it's dry before you begin to decorate.

Using a small icing tip and some royal icing, make a jagged line that will be used to frame the face of the kitty. 

Then get the tip of your paintbrush wet (food-only paint brush), and then using it in a stroking manner, fan out the icing in the directions and shapes that you would like it to mimic.  

Once that was done, I continued to bring the black royal icing up to the ears and give a light-base coat.  Then build up from there...I added another black squiggle to brush in the way of a "top ear" - fold - look.  

With what was left on the damp/icing brush, I made a smudge for where the nose would be.

Step 2: The Details!

Once I had the basis for the face, I planned where the eyes should go and the general shape of them.  But HEY - I'm not an artist so my lines are never perfect LOL, a little ricket-y but they give the hint and that is what matters.  ;)

Then make the nose under your smudge, add the whiskers, then the mouth.

If you want to - you can plan where the cheeks will be and then brush them with some luster dust from a cake decorating shop.  OR, what I did - was ice the whiskers on, let them dry, then I dusted the cheeks on.  (Kinda weird but it worked.)  Same goes for the eyes - they came last.  (The blue colored dust.)

My kitty figurines had pink flowers on them and I happened to have these icing flowers so they were a PERFECT fit and they matched pretty well.  I just used a dollop of royal icing to tack them on and dry overnight.

One thing that I did for added texture - was add extra squiggles around the cat hair once I was done painting it with the royal icing.  That gives it a little more depth.

Step 3: Enjoy!

I used a heat-sealer and poly bags to package them up for a birthday girl!  They loved them and it was so cute to see her go through the box of cookies and pull some out to save for herself, instead of sharing with her classmates.  :D



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    mrs brittingham

    5 years ago

    I think the kitty cookies are adorable!! But I need the recipe for the cookie too. I'm new to this site, so I'm not sure if you can message me back, so please if I can get the recipe, I want to make them with my granddaughter,
    Here is my email address,
    Thank you


    5 years ago on Introduction

    These are so perfectly done! I love them!!! I am very, very sad and disappointed to see that they are not a finalist. When I saw them I thought to myself this would be the winner for sure. The execution is fantastic. Great job and very creative.

    1 reply

    5 years ago on Introduction

    who says your not an artist?? :-) this is definitely art!