Vintage Lamp DIY

Introduction: Vintage Lamp DIY

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It was time to make a lamp for a good friend and test the new handcrafted lathe(I posted an instructable about that if you want to check it out). The design jumped straight out of my head, a bit strange but turned out goodlooking enough! It is cheap, it's easy, and it's highly satisfying to make! Plus it's usefull!

You ll need:

-Two pieces of timber(3.5x7 cm and 2.5x19 cm and both 3 meters long. You 're even gonna have some leftovers.Fir did the job just fine for me plus it ended up pretty lightweight.)


-A light bulb(I used a classic,wired bulb to achieve a vintage look. Edisons I believe they are called).

-A light bulb socket.

-Some wire to wire it up

-A plug to plug it on the wall once finished

-Wood stain and varnish for me!

Lets see the video and go make one for yourself.Or a gift!

Thanks for watching!

It really helps.

See you next time....

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