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Introduction: Vintage Lamp Restoration

About: I love wood, water, glass and metal and whatsoever develop from the use of these nobles materials.

Brief story

A good friend of mine had this lamp on his workshop. It was hidden among other things and I totally freak out when I saw it.

Whitout hesitate it, he gave it to me. It was the original lamp from his home and he was not willing to install it again.

I don't know exactly, but I believe this is a bronze lamp from the 60´s or 70´s.

This was totally perfect since I was looking for a lamp that meet some specifications for my living room... which it had been with poor ligth since my wife and I moved in... 5 years ago!

BUT not anymore!! :D

Step 1: Let´s Start

Materials and tools

  • 40x nuts
  • 1 lt synthetic white paint with rust converter
  • 1 lts turpentine
  • 1 lt metal cleaner
  • 10 mts of 0,75 mm cable
  • 1x 120 sand paper
  • 1x electric tape.
  • 13x LED lamps (4w)
  • 1 small brush
  • 1 screw driver
  • 1 electric pliers

Step 2: Disassembly

So this lamp had 13 incandescent ligths which I've decided to change to LED lamps.

I have disassembled totally, from the core. I've got rid of the old cables and nuts.

My wife has clean from rust with the sand paper, the iron lampshades and gave each of them, 2 hands of the synthetic white paint with rust converter.

Also each bronze was polished with metal cleaner liquid.

Step 3: Assembly

Now that we had removed the dust, we polished and painted it, we start to assembly back.

It was hard at the very beggining to order the cables inside the ball since the space inside was so little. But after some cable adjustements, we did it!

We have replaced the old 13 incandescent lamps (25 Watts each) that came originally, for 13 LED lamps (4W each). Which makes a great deal for the wallet.

And I have meassured the ligth intensity we had in the living room, before and after.

Before: 1 fluorescent lamp of 20 Watts --> 46 Lux (lumen /m²)

After: 13 LED lamps of 4 Watts each --> 108 Lux!! Now I see you!! :D

Step 4: Finished!

It was a fun project that we did with my wife. And most of all, the aesthetic difference between what we used to have and now is huge!

I'm so happy to have this lamp now.

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    That is a really cool lamp. I am glad that you were able to restore it.