Vintage Lego 10196 From Colors to White




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I love the Lego classic 10196, but not in colors. To match with my white preference, I spent some off work hours to work on this. Hope you enjoy my process as well as the end result. Cheers.

Step 1: Classic 10196

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7: Please Watch This Video



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    This is a nice idea but why is it vintage? The original set was made in 2009.

    Can you link the places where you bought the bricks from? The video is a nice showcase but does not give a lot of information.

    Can you also include how you washed the lego's (what products/temperatures).

    For a first instructable its already quite good but accurate instructions are key.

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    Talking Toysswemja

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Thx! 1. Lego is no longer selling this box set (color brick), so that's why I consider it as an extinct "vintage". I'm sure you can still find it in Amazon or ebay. But I'm only interested in white color. 2. As mentioned, the bricks are buying from over 40 online brick shops mainly in US and Europe (e.g. Switzerland, Austria, Germany, etc) Frankly speaking, it's impossible for us to remember which shops we bought the bricks. The searching part was a big mess. Sometimes the shop dealer didn't sent the right amount or wrong item. Then we have to go through the pain again. Hardly able to list out all 40 shops here, sorry. Some rare pieces are either never been produced in white color or only be existed as used item. 3. For the cleaning part, I didn't take picture of the used bricks when I received from mail. Some are really dirty with egg yolk stain or burn cigarette mark. First thing, I soak it in hot water few times for hours, hopefully to soften those historical stain and come off easily. If not, I soak it with a cap of bleach for few hours or even a day. After this, I rinse it to check whether it look better or not. If not, I would use whatever detergent that could remove resistant dirt. Being a clean freak, I scrub them one by one piece. Then another few rounds of rinsing until I think it's really sanitised. Then I put it in 4 layers of laundry bag to make sure it won't damage of my dryer.

    I'm not a lego pro, I'm just interested in making things into the way that I enjoy it. So hope these info help.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! I'm curious about the roof. Did you just make that out of simple fabric, or was that some other kind of material?

    Looks good, thanks for sharing this!

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    Talking Toyssseamster

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    I searched for my ideal material from different shops. The material must be not too white but not too milky which match with the bricks color. When you cut it, the fabric edge won't come off. At the end I picked a vinyl bag from a dollar shop.

    It's hard to find the original template even from internet. Since I'm a designer, I made my own.