Vintage Needlepoint Turned Into a Blanket Bag, Car Seat and Bleacher Warmer



Introduction: Vintage Needlepoint Turned Into a Blanket Bag, Car Seat and Bleacher Warmer

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Whew! What a title! I made something that has at least three purposes so it needed a lengthy name. Let me start at the beginning. I found an antique piece of needlepoint that was attached to a bench. It was absolutely beautiful but I had no need of a bench. For a long time, I thought I would take off the legs and turn it into a wall hanging.
However, it finally dawned upon me that I should sew it into a large blanket bag that has sides with Velcro that can open up. Once open, you can hang the handle around the headrest of your car seat and it can act as a seat warmer.
In addition, you can take it to a football game and lay it across the bleacher to provide warmth for your backside. You even have room to share with a friend.
Best of all, I completed it in a day and used things that I already had.

Old needlepoint canvas
Enough fabric for a liner (18 x 41 inches)
Double-sided heavy weight stiff fusible interfacing (2 sheets that are 14 x 18 inches)
Old belt
Fringe, tassels, other embellishments
Old necklaces

Sewing Machine
Hot glue gun

Final Size: 17 x 40 inches when opened (excluding handles)

Step 1:

I found this old bench with needlepoint. I loved it but I didn’t need a bench. It was simply attached with thumbtacks. You could find one at a yard sale, thrift store, or antique store. It might be part of a pillow or wall art.

Step 2:

Time to get those thumbtacks out. I used a flat head screwdriver and easily removed the thumbtacks and was able to take off the needlepoint piece.

Step 3:

My next step was to get rid of all of the of batting.

Step 4:

Next, I cut off the excess canvas and laid the interfacing on the back of the needlepoint. I left a 1 1/2 inch border around the interfacing and left 2 inches between the two pieces. This will allow the canvas to fold easily.

Step 5:

I made sure that the lining was the same size as the canvas (18 inches by 41 inches). Next, I laid the lining on top of the interfacing and ironed it in place.

Step 6:

I folded the canvas and the lining into the interior and pinned them in place.

Step 7:

I sewed the perimeter of the bag. I also added a strip of Velcro around the interior with the exception of where the bag opens at the top.

Step 8:

An old belt was used for the handles and I cut it in half to get two equal pieces. I also used a concho from another old belt to embellish the bag. At this point, the bag is too thick to sew anymore so I used a hot glue gun to add fringe, tassels, lace, handles, etc.

Step 9:

Old necklaces were wrapped around one of the handles for decoration. They are easily removed if I used the bag for a seat warmer. That way they won’t poke me in the back or risk getting pulled off.

Step 10:

This project is both fashionable and functional. It doesn’t cost very much to make and it will keep you warm in more ways than one.
Don’t worry if you can’t find a needlepoint piece as large as I used. With a little craftiness, you can easily fit a smaller piece in as a panel in a fabric piece.
Feel free to embellish in your own style. Ribbon would be a neat addition or perhaps, a vintage rhinestone pin. I know there are a million different ways to create this project. I’ve just given the basics here so that you can insert your own style and creativity.
Thanks for looking!

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