Vintage Old Paper Wedding Invitation - Project Geek #4




Introduction: Vintage Old Paper Wedding Invitation - Project Geek #4

Worried about your wedding invitations!!

Create an vintage old paper wedding invitations within minutes. You can make hundreds of invites within hours and the best part being it will cost you less that 10 dollars to create all the invites.

Things you need

  • Laser printer
  • Instant Coffee Powder
  • Cup
  • Old cloth
  • Loads of patience

Step 1: Coffee Powder

Best part about using coffee powder is, it really stains the paper well to make it look like an old paper and at the end the wedding invite smells good.

Add water to the instant coffee powder in a cup and use an old cotton cloth to rub the coffee powder onto the paper

Step 2: Paper

Tear the edges of the paper so that it will look old. Crush the paper so that the crushed creases will look great at the end and it will make the paper look very old.

Step 3: Apply Coffee Powder Onto the Paper

This is really simple. Blot the paper with the coffee powder. More concentrated the coffee decoction more darker the paper will get at the end.

Step 4: Final

The wedding invite is now done. Its really simple, do try it and let me know how it goes

You can use the same technique to decorate your home. Instead of tearing the edges in the beginning you can even try burning the paper at the end. Even that will give out a very great result

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    10 Discussions

    I accidentally poured coffee on to papers several times but I never come up with this idea. So brilliant!

    And as for burning the edges, carmasclar, I find it works best on an electric stove.

    This looks awesome. If you have the patience, using a lighter instead tearing the paper can give a cool look.

    If you don't wanna use coffee you can use tea bags to get the same affect. I learned this 20 years ago in kindergarten. It's awesome and great for kids too! They love it! My kids have a blast with it!

    What a great aging technique! I want to do this to some sheet music, thanks! :)