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My mother tongue being German, the word ‘Pulley’ did not exist in my English vocabulary until recently. Actually until we wanted to build a zipline in our backyard. Our neighbor gave me this huge old pulley to use, but at the end we settled for a smaller one. Since then I had it stored in the basement. I knew, I wanted to do something with it one day, it just didn’t know exactly what!

Step 1: You Will Need

Old Pulley or new one (can be purchased at any hardware store, I would spray paint it in a dark rusty finish)
Magnetic Crystals
Mason Jars
Craft Silver Wire
2 hooks (to attach to ceiling)

Step 2: Attach Wires to Ceiling

1. Attach two long wires (mine are about 1.20 meter) to the pulley , on the opposite site of each other.

2. Measure the distance of the wires and transfer that measurement to your sealing.

3. Drill holes and screw hooks in.

4. Attach wires to the hooks to hang chandelier.

(Sorry guys for the blurry picture)

Step 3: Attach Mason Jars

5. Use more wire to attach your mason jars to the pulley.

Step 4: Attach Crystals

6. For a little bling decorate with magnetic crystals. Attach them to the pulley. You can buy them at the hardware store.

Step 5: Tealights

7. Add tea lights to jars. *You can fill the jars half way with water and add a swimming candle*

Step 6: Enjoy

Have a nice candle light dinner with friends;-)

For more DIY's check out my instructables or go to my blog Funkytime.

♥ Sibylle



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    8 Discussions


    6 years ago on Step 2

    Did you want to "sealing" or "ceiling"?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I love yours and this one...i am dying for a steam punk style chandelier...i am going to use both of these and will post if and when I finish! thank you!


    I like it! Tea candles are cheap and if kept level can burn for quite a while.
    It looks exactly like the wheels on my Chinese built garden cart from Harbor Freight. The tires are solid so there is no hole for the valve stem like on a bike tire. Bicycle wheels are good pulleys for some projects since the bearings can last for a long time and pulleys that large cost a small fortune.

    Keep up the good fun!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Just saying...maybe replace the wires for chains...that way could be cooler.
    No chain, ...?with pointed Pliers you could make a wire chain.