Vintage Radio for Modern Tech

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I picked up this vintage radio from a thrift store and thought it would make a great place to store my computer hard drives and dock. The front would look great on my desk and the back could be open for ventilation for the tech.

Step 1: Watch This Video

Step 2: Cut Three Pieces of Wood for the Shelves

Step 3: Cut and Stain Scrabble Tile Holders for the Shelf Brackets

Step 4: Unscrew the Guts From the Radio

Keep parts that you might want to add back for the radio look

Step 5: Figure Out the Placement of Shelves and Mark

Step 6: Use a Hot Glue Gun to Attach the Bottom Shelf and Radio Parts in Place

Step 7: Use Wood Glue to Attach the Scrabble Tile Brackets

Step 8: Put the Shelves and Tech in Place

Step 9: Done!

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