Vintage Dieselpunk Spaceships

Introduction: Vintage Dieselpunk Spaceships

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For this instructable I took plastic spaceship toys and transformed them into vintage statuesque figurines.

Items needed:

  • Sand paper, medium
  • wet wiping rag
  • black spray paint
  • silver leaf Rub'n Buff
  • Clear Sealant

Step 1: Sandpaper

Sandpaper every surface of the toys with a fine sandpaper, or for a more gritty roughed up look use rough sandpaper. I used fine sandpaper here then marred the surface with a blade to increase the rugged time worn look.

After sandpaper is complete, wipe down with a wet rag very well then let dry.

Step 2: Paint Black and Rub'n Buff

Once dry, paint the toys black. I used Krylon black hammered decorative finish. Be sure to capture every surface in a nice even layer. Do not hold the spray can too long in one spot as the paint will be too thick to capture the rough surface. You want to capture the rough surface to increase the rugged time worn look when using rub'n buff.

Let black paint dry for 20 minutes.

Apply a tiny amount of Rub'n Buff to your fingertip or the tip of a rag. Dab some of the paint on a cardboard then rub lightly over the surface of the space ships. If you rub very lightly, you will be able to see the scratches and rough surface beneath the silver giving it an aged look. Apply some more, dab off, and repeat. To give a spaceship feel, increase the silver buff towards the front edges of the ship and swipe backwards to make it look like it has been flying through space.

Once this is complete, allow to dry for 20 minutes. You can then spray each with a sealant spray. I use rust-oleum semi-gloss clear seal.

Enjoy your sweet vintage space ships!

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    The idea of dieselpunk spaceships just sounds interesting. There is a lot of room for some creative reimagining of standard sci-fi tropes.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you! I wasn't sure how to name them at first, but I feel vintage dieselpunk describes the style best. I try to keep it fresh!