Vintage T-shirt Pillows

Introduction: Vintage T-shirt Pillows

About: I am a stay at home Mom and wife of a coalminer . we love creating things and saving money by making old things into something new and exciting. projecting is a passion of mine. I have 2 daughters under 10...

I am redecorating a bedroom inspired by the 80s. My previous Instructable was a Rubik's cube light... This one gives old vintage T-shirts a cool way to be seen and admired. Reuse any T-shirt for a pillow. They are Great for a TV room, a College dorm room, a rec room sofa, or a gift for that nostalgic friend. This is a simple sewing project. I will be using a sewing machine but a needle and thread works just as well. Let's begin by gathering the materials....

You will need:
-- a favorite old T-shirt
-- sewing machine or needle and thread
-- scissors
-- stuffing

Step 1: Sew the Collar

Pick your favorite tee from back in the day. Leave the shirt right side out... we are going to sew it without turning it inside out. First sew with the front collar under the pressure foot. Sew along the collar. I used contrasting thread to better show the step but using the same thread color as the fabric is the way I'd do it otherwise. When you are finished sewing the collar, flip it over to the other side and cut the back overhanging collar about 1/8 inch away from stitching. The collar is finished so now to sew the bottom

Step 2: Sew the Bottom

Sew along the existing seam at the bottom of the shirt. since it is a finished edge, this is how we leave it. The bottom is done.

Step 3: Sew the Sleeves/Stuff If

we will now sew one sleeve in the same manner and leave the other sleeve open for stuffing. Stuff your pillow with fiber fill tO the desired firmness. push the filling away from the sleeve enough to place under the pressure foot and sew along the sleeve. You are now done sewing your pillow. Push the filling so all parts of the pillow are evenly formed. You now have a decorative pillow from a vintage T-shirt to be enjoyed and admired instead of being tucked away in your dresser. Stay tuned for more 80s projects As I turn a drab bedroom into a fun retro guest bedroom. Thanks for looking.

Step 4: Finished Product

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I like how they're still shaped like t-shirts. Very cute!