Vintage Crackle Cardboard Tray



Introduction: Vintage Crackle Cardboard Tray

Tutorial where I show you step by step to make a vintage style tray is made of cardboard although it seems wooden.

It is very durable and need very few materials

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Step 1: Materials You Need

- Cardboard dual channel (is the one half centimeter thick)
- Hot glue

- White wood glue

- Newspaper

- Wood or acrylic paint, plastic paint will also serve wall adding a splash of white glue (is the one I used)

- Optional: napkins to decoupage.

- Hair dryer to make the crackle.

- To finish you can protect with a coat of clear varnish

- Cutter

- Brush

- Pencil

- Rule

Step 2: Step by Step Vídeo


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