Vintaj Altered Blank Bling Tutorial

Introduction: Vintaj Altered Blank Bling Tutorial

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Altered Blank Bling

Embellish a hand drawn design and message with Swarovski Crystal Flat Back Rhinestones for a touch of bling!

Step 1: With an extra fine tip black Sharpie marker, draw swirls and write each letter measuring a toothpick distance apart onto a guitar pick altered blank.

Step 2: Apply the wet glue onto the blank directly over a letter.

Step 3: Add a removable adhesive Glue Dot to the tip of a clean toothpick.

Step 4: Use the Glue Dot to pick up a flat back crystal.

Step 5: Place flat back crystals over the dab of glue. Move into place with a clean toothpick.

TIP: Fill in the entire background with dark and light contrasting crystal colors to accentuate your words and swirls.

Vintaj Materials:
P0057 – Guitar Pick Altered Blank (1)

Other Materials:
Extra Fine Tip Black Sharpie Marker
Removable Adhesive Glue Dots
Dazzle-Tac Jewelry Glue
1.75x2mm Swarovski Crystal Flat Back
  Indian Pink
  Purple Velvet
  Jet Hematite Unfoiled
  Crystal Silver Night

Swarovski Crystal Flat Backs and Jewelry
Glue from

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