Vintaj Textured Bib-Style Necklace

Introduction: Vintaj Textured Bib-Style Necklace

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Create your own textured bib-style necklace!

Texture & highlight a variety of altered blanks to create a stunning mixed metals statement piece.

Step 1: Use the round end of a 4oz Ball Pein Hammer to create texture and dimples on the surface of the blank. The harder you strike the larger and deeper the dimples.
Step 2: Use the rim of the hammer to create a few strikes and dashes over your textured blank.
Step 3: Use the white side of the Reliefing Block to highlight the raised areas of the blank and accentuate the textured details.
Step 4: Use the light gray side of the block to polish the surface of the blank for a higher shine.
Step 5: Use 1.5mm Hole Punch Pliers to add a hole opposite the pre-drilled hole on the blank.
Step 6: Use Chain Nose Pliers to attach blanks together with jump rings, alternating the metal color and size of the blank.
Step 7: Layout three rows of blanks, with the small blanks in the center between a row of large on the top and bottom. Alternate the color of metals in each row, as well as textured and plain blanks to create an asymmetrical look.
Step 8: Connect the center row between the first and second large blank in the top row. Connect the bottom row of blanks from the top of the outer blanks in the top row. Attach chain to one side and a hook to the opposite to function as a clasp.


Vintaj Elements:
AHW0005 – 34mm Arte Metal Blank Circle
AHW0006 – 25mm Arte Metal Blank Circle
CHW0005 – 33.5mm Copper Blank Circle
CHW0006 – 25.5mm Copper Blank Circle
P292 – 25mm Natural Brass Blank Circle
P295- 34mm Natural Brass Blank Circle
JR30 –  Natural Brass 5.25mm Jump Rings
JR40 – Natural Brass 7.25mm Jump Rings
ACH0003 – Arte Metal Elongated Chain

Steel Bench Block
Rubber Dampening Block
4oz Ball Pein Hammer
Metal Reliefing Block
1.5mm Hole Punch Plier
Chain Nose Pliers

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